Amazing service

“I was completely blown away at the level of service I received from tina at organizing werks – it was completely different than any other organizing service!”



It’s perfect

Dear Tina,

“Our office was a mess, papers were stacked no reason for them.  Tina worked on this office and put things in order”.

“Anything needed to be placed in order from office to laundry room…Tina is 100% special”.

“We have grown to love Tina…we trust her”.

“Whoever is lucky enough to have her in your home for any work will be happy”.


Mr. and Mrs. James D.



Dear Tina,

“What a blessing it is to have a service such as yours!  I could not have handled the sale of my mother’s estate on my own.  I was able to relax knowing your ability to manage something I have no time to handle on my own and have no experience with.  You have a good eye for detail and carried out the sale very professionally.  The estate sale was very successful due to your efforts.  Thank you.”


Kent F.